Metric Accounting acquired by Balanco

The Finnish trailblazer of accounting services, Balanco Accounting announced today the acquisition of Metric Accounting. This alliance with 70+ experts across accounting and business support will provide unique cross-border services for SMBs operating in Sweden and Finland.

Edith Lau, CEO of Metric Accounting, will become a partner and member of the board in Balanco Group. While both brands will remain and operate as usual in their individual countries.

“Our long-term growth strategy includes strong growth in our domestic markets and internationally. Strong business connections between Sweden and Finland make our alliance with Metric natural. The strengths of Metric and Balanco are similar, focus in customer experience and highly skilled professionals in our service. With Metric we can now provide our Swedish customers new unique cross-border service in accounting and business support”, says Mikko Marttunen, CEO of Balanco Accounting.

“We found a good connection with Balanco and strategic alliance through business acquisition was an excellent opportunity for Metric Accounting. Our philosophy and aims for business growth are similar and new cross-border service creates a unique concept for the Swedish SMB’s to expand their operations in Finland. In ever more international business environment we see great demand for this service. We will continue with the Metric Accounting brand in Sweden and with the Balanco brand in Finland, so for our current clients there will be no extra changes due the alliance arrangements”, says Edith Lau, CEO of Metric Accounting.

A unique concept for SMB’s to expand into Finland

Balanco cross-border service in accounting is a unique service for establishing and maintaining a business in Finland. With different languages, official requirements by laws and stipulations, business best practices and many other details to be understood and followed, the expansion into Finland is not always an easy task for a Swedish company. With Balanco cross-border service contains usual accounting, company registration, book-keeping and salary administration, as well as services for mergers and acquisitions, legal services and other special situations in business. Through extensive network of partners there is also a selection of wide array of additional business services such as market research and recruitment of key personnel.

“While both Sweden and Finland are in general entrepreneur-friendly countries, there are still lot’s of local specialities when it comes to establishing a company and with mandatory reporting, not to mention special situations in business development. One needs a lot of local expert knowledge on rules and regulations. Businesses without previous connections to Finland, this can be a real challenge, not mentioning that even a finding a good accounting partner is the first time-consuming step in the process. We save the clients time and efforts in expanding cross-border. Our clients can expect the same high quality service in Finland as they are used to have in Sweden from us”, says Edith Lau.